34. Men, Prisons, Criminology, the Law

(Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood. 19th edition, 2008. Home URL: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/)

a) Men, Prison, Crime, Law

Note: Also see "Working with Perpetrators or Offenders" under "Counselling and Therapy (working with men)". Also see references on men's violence and responses to this.

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And more…

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Inside/outside (On class, masculinity, sexuality and race in the prison system).
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Black in a White Man’s World (Interview with three Aboriginal inmates).
Gay Behind Bars.
Hell and Home (The many meanings of prison).
Prison Facts (A snapshot).
Three Minutes in the Life of Society’s Reject (A story).

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Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood.
19th edition, 2008, Canberra, Australia. ISBN 0 646 18088 6

Home URL: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/ 

b) General References on Prisons, Criminology and Gender

Note: Also see references on violence.

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Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood.
19th edition, 2008, Canberra, Australia. ISBN 0 646 18088 6

Home URL: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/