31. Men's Rights, Backlash & Critiques of Feminism

(Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood. 19th edition, 2008. Home URL: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/)

Note: Kenneth Clatterbaugh's chapter on the men's rights movement is a useful summary of its perspectives and issues. Works focused on "fathers' rights" in particular are listed under "Fatherhood and Families" above.

(a) Men’s Rights and anti-feminist works

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Introduction ix.
1 Children v. Demons: The McMartin and Other Witch Hunts 3.
2 Wives v. Abusers: The Bobbitt Affair 21.
3 Workers v. Harassers: The Hill-Thomas Debate 31.
4 Martyrs v. Murderers: The Montreal Massacre 53.
5 Women’s Rights v. Human Rights: The Case of Entitlements 81.
6 Maternal Rights v. Paternal Rights: The Case of Children 125.
7 Power v. Pleasure: The Case of Pornography/Prostitution 159.
8 Separatists v. Integrationists: The Case of Sexual Harassment 193.
9 Female Victims v. Male Victims: The Case of Violence against Women 223.
10 Ideological Feminism v. Scholarship 269.
11 Misandry v. Equality 309.
1 Responding to Our Critics: Spreading Misandry Revisited 329.
2 Birth of the Bogeyman: One Subtext of Modern Witch Hunts 340.
3 Misleading the Public: Statistics Abuse 347.
4 Silencing men: The Trouble with Political Correctness 365.
5 Respectable Porn: The Debate over Romance Novels 373.
6 Bargaining at Beijing: United Nations or United Women 391.
7 Paved with Entitlements: The Road to Caste 403.
8 Here Come the Feds: Studies of Affirmative Action and Pay Equity 410.
9 Dissing Dads: The Debate over Custody 415.
10 Gynotopia: Feminism at Academic Conferences 439.
11 A Front by Any Other Name: Ideology, Gender Studies, and Women’s Studies 465.
12 What’s Sauce for the Goose: Double Standards in a Government Report 471.
13 Take That! Comparative Victimology 478.

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Backlash (US)
Certified Male (Australia)
The Liberator: Defender of Men (Men's Defense Association, US)
The Male View (UK)


(b) Critiques of Men’s Rights etc.

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Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood.
19th edition, 2008, Canberra, Australia. ISBN 0 646 18088 6

Home URL: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/